Saturday, June 13, 2015

Observing the National Week of Making

June 12th began the National Week of Making, where we celebrate those who like to tinker, play with, invent, and make all kinds of wonderful things. Many cities across the country are hosting Maker Faires to help people get started. You can find out more about the national events at the website for A Nation of Makers.

But even if you can't get to one of these faires, you can still try your hand at making something new by using the books and magazines at the Pottsville Free Public Library.

Think you might like to try doing some woodworking? Check out some of the issues of "Family Handyman" magazine for projects and tips, or browse through the books in the 684 section of the nonfiction books on the second floor.

Interested in jewelry? Two magazines, "Craft Ideas" and "Bead & Button" are right up your alley. Books can be found on the second floor in the 739.27 and 745.5 sections.

Stained glass catch your fancy? Browse through the books in 748.5 for projects.

Browse through the materials in the 697 section to learn more about solar power and heating for your home. 

Learn how to make your own clothing with the books in the 646 section, or step over to 747 to learn how to make your own window treatments. 746 hosts the books on weaving your own fabric, or go back one more step in the process and learn how to spin (also in the 746 section).

The maker movement is all about expanding your abilities, increasing your understanding, and being hands-on. There are so many ways to explore the creative possibilities of making things!

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